Reconversion of living space to NWOW office environment

Interior design

New ways of working - NWOW Reconversion and renovation

Repurposing of an empty building into an NWOW office space and redesign of the basement into a gym. Interior renovation of adjacent building with boardroom, pressroom and VIP lounge.

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The client wishes to accommodate a contemporary office in an empty building within their building complex. In this new open and flexible NWOW (new ways of working) environment, employee comfort comes first. Comfort in functionality, ergonomics, general well-being and sustainability.

We create an environment with the aim of encouraging employee cooperation in a spontaneous way.
There is a wide range of workplaces. Different open and closed workplaces, collaborative workplaces, informal (work) places, lounges and so on. These will meet the varying requirements of the individuals.
We’ve made the existing alcoves in the facades deeper and acoustically performant to accommodate various smaller task-oriented workplaces that require more privacy. This allows us to fill in the open zone in the middle with isles for individual work alternated with free-standing open or semi-open volumes for collaboration.

All chosen materials and furniture tell a sustainable story. The lighting system - Human Centric Lighting - also supports human health and well-being in the office environment. Curtains and accents in fabric provide sound absorption, privacy and acoustic comfort where necessary.

The general atmosphere is subtle, pure and pleasant: accents from wood and muted colors give the mainly white spaces a homely atmosphere.

A fitness room is set up under the offices. The atmosphere here is just as subtle, pure and pleasant due to the soberness in finish: exposed concrete, construction techniques and accents in wood. A few color accents and sustainable materials enhance the atmosphere. This original cellar space is being upgraded by a new glass façade that connects the fitness to street level through an ascending terrace.
In addition, the boardroom will be given a new purpose and look that will be extended to an adjacent pressroom and the underlying VIP lounges. The same types of materials are used for these spaces as the office environment, but in a contemporary, timeless chic look. 

This new look and feel is consequently present in the various spaces and enhances the new corporate identity of the client to its employees and visitors.

Location : Brussel
Area : 3.000 m²
Date : 2018 - 2020
Team : Spacewell, Peritas
Photography : VIVA Architecture

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